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Fall Small Group Series

During these next six weeks, we will explore a familiar biblical text - Psalm 23. It is one of the most well-known passages in all of scripture. Many of us have heard this text read at a funeral service or prayed the words of the psalm during a difficult time in our lives. While we honor and recognize the value of this familiarity, we hope this study will help us understand Psalm 23 in a deeper way.
In claiming the Lord as our shepherd, we are invited to rely upon the presence and provision of God, not our own strength or abilities. In claiming the Lord as our shepherd, we inherently place our trust in God’s goodness and the call God has placed on our lives. In claiming the Lord as our shepherd, we are reminded of God’s abundant grace and the power of God’s promises, which pursue us our whole lives.
At the heart of this study are two major questions, “Am I open to being led?” and “To whom shall I entrust my life?” By focusing on God’s provision, presence, purpose, trust, abundance, and promise, we believe, with the help of the Holy Spirit, Psalm 23 can speak to our present moment in profound and timely ways. 
What would it look like to incorporate the teachings of Psalm 23 into our daily living? How might we serve as a countercultural witness for Christ in a time of so much change and strife? Imagine how our lives, our families, our communities, and our world might be drastically different if we were courageous enough to say, as one church family, “the Lord is our shepherd!”
2023 Fall Small Groups
  1. Donuts and Devotionals - Sunday at 10:15 AM, Conference Room C, Led by Austin Vernon
  2. Moms of All Ages and Stages - Tuesday at 7 PM, Youth Suite, Rotating Facilitators
  3. Sunday Morning Group - Sunday at 10:15 AM, Fellowship Hall, Led by John Hage
  4. Thursday Evening Group - Thursday at 7 PM, Hajnos home, Led by Glenn Hajnos
  5. Psalm 23 Creative Group - Thursday at 10:30 AM, Conference Room A, Led by Ally Markotich
  6. Monday Afternoon Group - Monday at 12 PM, Conference Room B, Led by Elizabeth Doolin 
  7. Wednesday Afternoon Group - Wednesday at 3 PM, Conference Room B, Led by Pat and Judi Henry
  8. Theology on Tap - Wednesday at 6 PM, Table on the Green, Led by Charles Harris and Gerald Ostlund
  9. Tuesday Afternoon Group - Tuesday at 1 PM, Conference Room A, Led by Austin Vernon
  10. Sisters in Faith - Wednesday at 6:30 PM, Rotating Homes, Led by Amelia Kirkland and Stacey Ostlund

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Volunteers are needed to support this weekly ministry of Brownson Church.
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